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How to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

How to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading
Best Way to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

Today we share a tricks for blogger, i this tricks we learn "how to speed up our blog loading page". if you blog have too good template but still takes too long time for page loading then it's may decrease your site visitors.also we known if our blog loading too much time then visitor feel upset. so visitor leave to visit our blog.so it's recommended to learn how to increase speed up blog page loading. but you have no any idea πŸ˜”πŸ˜”for that , so don't wait & upset  we are have best solution for this.✔

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So Let's Known How To Speed Up Blog.

➽Remove Unnecessary Javascript, CSS Code: 

If your source code contains Unnecessary Javascript, CSS functions, then these functions will take time. Then need to Remove unnecessary or un-used Javascript and CSS codes.unwanted script - like { right click disabled, mouse effect etc.}

➽Optimized Your Javascript / CSS Code:

This achieve helps your website load time up to 85% faster.

➽Reduce Plugins:

Don't use unwanted plugins to your blogspot blog, since it will takes  much more time to loading. you can set blogger default widget like - popular ,recent post , archive, etc. many blogger user used unwanted widget , we recommended to all please forget to remove unwanted widget. you are noticed successful blogger haven't used other plugins.

➽Don't Use Third Party Hosting to Host your Blog File:

➽Optimize Images:

Many bloggers love to use images in their own blog to impress users. Consider if you are using a high quality image to your blog, then it will take too much time for load. so optimized your posting images.Always use a minimal optimize to your image the best quality.

Keep in Mind***

Don't optimized repeatedly or 2times because it's reduce your picture quality. 

➽Update Plugins, Blog Themes:

Always use a updated version of your Plugins and Themes, this updated version contains less error and fixed previous versions issues, miss-tag unwanted features.

➽ Google Adsense Code:

Use always asynchronous advertisement script. you can looking this option when you create ad unit ad code above ad type option.

➽Add Leverage Browser Caching Tag:

Leverage Browser Cache helps you to decrease blog page load time.when you add Expires Browser Cache Code in your Blog then any body open or load your blog, Expires Browser Cache code save the server response file in user browser cache.

How to add Expires Browser Cache code:

Go to Blogger Blog.

Click on the "Template" and then "Edit HTML".

Click anywhere in the html code  and press CTRL + F to open a search box.

Find "<head>" tag.

Just after/below <head> paste the following code.

<include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.css"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.js"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.gif"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.jpeg"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.jpg"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.png"></include>     

Finally Save The Template. That's It. Enjoy Blogging.


We hope this tricks will increase your blog speed.we are share reliable tricks and tips only. try to best results to bloggers. keep in touch with subscribe our blog πŸ””  for more informative articles . If you have any doubts just leave a comment below we are responses soon as possible to related query.Don't forget to share this.πŸ”—


Best Way to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know  2019

Best Facebook Tips That You Don't  Know  2019
All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know  2019

Today we are back with amazing new tips about Facebook ; that you don't know yet. hope this post are helpful for you, so don't waist your time let's read following article also share with your social friends.
We also known Facebook, being world’s largest Social Network, is also a place to discover new interesting things, friends, places,event, etc

Let's Read About Facebook Best Tips:πŸ‘€

πŸ‘‰Anchor Text For  Profile / Fan Pages

By default, the anchor text used to link Fan-page or Friend’s profile URL, are their Name but now you can customize it for status updates,

Get Numeric ID of Facebook Profile/Fan-page by visiting https://graph.facebook.com/username. Replace ‘username’ with your, your friend’s or your Fan-page.

Now, you can modify Anchor as per this code:
@@[0:[YOURPAGEID:1:New Anchor Text]]

Using 0 at the place of ‘New Anchor Text will use Fan-page's Name as anchor.

πŸ‘‰Select / Invite All Friends At Once

If You have any page, and too many friends on Facebook Then this trick help you more.

Open Invite Friend option’s Pop-Up Window of Event/Page/App on Mozilla Firefox.

Press Ctrl + Shift + K. This will open Web Console of Firefox.

Paste this below code at Web Console and press Enter:

πŸ‘‰Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

Download Delete All Facebook Messages Chrome Extension. Activate it

Go to Facebook’s message Page by visiting Facebook.com/Messages

You’ll notice a new button named "Delete All"

So, if you want to delete all your Facebook Messages, just click this button and it'll delete all Facebook messages within once.

πŸ‘‰Enlarge Un-Clickable Profile Pics:

Now you can enlarge Facebook un-clickable picture with this step below.

Right Click the image. From context menu, select 'Open Image In New Tab'

In address Bar URL of the image, remove s160x160/ and press Enter. Lets See The Magic.

πŸ‘‰Unfriend alert:

Get the notification when someone unfriend you, download unfriend alert chrome extension and enable it.

πŸ‘‰Change Facebook Theme Color:

Now you can change your facebook template color by following below step.

Just install and activate Change Facebook Color Chrome Extension.

Go to Chrome’s Setting > Appearance and Tick ‘Always Show Bookmark Toolbar’.

Click on Change  Facebook Color Extension Icon on the Top-Right Side.

Set Background and Foreground color. Drag Arrow Icon to Bookmark Toolbar.

Visit Facebook and Press the Button that you just added color.


πŸ‘‰Post Blank Status Update:

Facebook doesn’t allow you to post blank status update. but now you can update blank post with below simple trick

Put at least an punctuation mark like comma, dot, etc. Just type @[0:0: ] in status box & seen magic.

πŸ‘‰Download Facebook Photo Album

Do you want to download you ever uploaded photo album, you friend’s, your group’s album, then this tips help you.

πŸ‘‰Make your Display/Profile Pic "Un-clickable"

If you also want to make your profile pic un-clickable, just following steps:

From your timeline, navigate to Photos -> Albums -> Profile Pictures.

Select your current profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me” from default “Public”. That’s It Voila !.

Author Write πŸ”–

So friends, Here Is This Best All in One Facebook Tips. Hope This Post Helpful For You, You Have Any Tricks Or Question Related This Post Then Share Your Mention Below Comment Box. Enjoy πŸŽ‰ Keep Sharing.

All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know 2019

How To Format Unformatable Infected Pen-drive

How To Format Unformateble Infected Pen-drive
How To Format Unformateble Infected Pen-drive

Pen-drives are very popular and simplest devices to use in now a days & transfer data from computers to other computer,
But have you ever faced with major problem when you need to format a pen drive but couldn’t possible or unable to format.πŸ˜₯.Don’t upset I’m here to help you to get rid of.
 So Today I Share Best Tips To Format  Pen Drives.

Why Failed to Formatting Drive★

The reasons of failed to format -

Bad sectors are those sectors which are damaged and can’t be read or written.that is the main caused by excessive de-fragmentation, bad quality drive.Next reason is major - virus files might make our pen drive uncomfortable.Write Protection Of drive: If our pen drive is write protected then it cannot be format.

Let's Learn How To Format Unformatable Infected Pen-drive⭐

1> Use Command :πŸ’«

➥First  need to connect the pen drive to computer.
Next  to click on the start menu of your system. Type Run in the search box and press enter.
Now type cmd and click OK.

Type as: format<space>your drive letter and press Enter twice.{ without quote}

Now cmd will recommended name of the drive. Enter the correct name of drive and press enter.
Finally; Exit Cmd . Checked Your Pen drive is now formatted.

➤Alternative CMD Method

Follow above method to run command

Now type "DISKPART" and press enter.
Nexr type "LIST DISK" and press enter. It will show your complete list of disks of your system.
Select your desired drive by typing SELECT "disk number",
Next type "ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR RANDOMLY" and press enter key.
Now again type CLEAN and press enter.
That’s it, you’re done.

2>Format Using SoftwareπŸ’«

πŸ‘‰Download and install the Unlocker software
πŸ‘‰Select the drive you want to format and right-click on it.
πŸ‘‰Now click Unlocker and select Unlock All option.
πŸ‘‰Voila ! Now right-click on the drive and click format.


Thank You For Reading Our Article; About How To Format Unformatable Drive. Hope This Tips May Be Helpful For You. If You Follow Above Method Then Must Be Your Pen-drive Easily Format. Share Your Thought or Knowledge Below Comment Box.

Best Tips To Format Virus Infected & Unable To Format Pen Drives

 Tips To Improve Computer System Speed and Performances.

Tips To Improve Computer System Speed & Performances.

Hello, Friends How Are You ? Have You Faced With PC System Lagging Speed & Slow Performance , And Feel Upset 😧😞. Then Don't Worries We Are Here Coming With For That Solution, Actually We Share Here ✍Best Tips To Improve Your Computer System Speed & Performances. πŸŒ€

Let's Following Our Given Tips* πŸ‘‡

Best Tips To Improve PC System Speed

Protect your PC from dust. Dust causes the CPU cooling fan to jammed and slow down also heating your CPU and affecting the processing speed. so kept away your pc from dust.

Refresh the desktop after closing every application. using (mouse right click or pressing F5 Button) This will help to clean the RAM.

Do not set very large file size picture as your desktop background.

During installing new Software's please disable the option of having a tray icon. 
This tray icons takes up available RAM, and also slow down the booting of your PC System.
Also disable the option of starting the application automatically during the PC System boots.

Do not create your Desktop with a lots of software shortcuts. Because Every shortcuts on the desktop takes up to 500 bytes of you pc system RAM.

 Delete the temporary internet files regularly. using below code types in search box


Also You Can Use This Best Software To Remove Cache,Temporary File,Browser History.

✔Periodically Remove or Clean Old Prefetch Data From Prefetch Folder .Using Below Step.

Go To Run or Press Windows+ R >> Types 'prefetch'

 Clear the recycle bin regularly. The files are not completely removed from your hard drive until you clear the recycle bin.

Right Click On Recycle Bin Icon On Desktop, After You Seen Empty Recycle Bin Then Press Left Click To There.

  Always make two or third partitions in your hard drive. 

Windows used all the available empty space in C drive as virtual memory when your Computer RAM is full. So it's need to be Keep the C Drive as empty as possible.

De-fragment your hard drive on every two-three months. This will free up  lot of space removing broken,lagging file on your hard drive and rearrange the files for applications run faster.

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✔Finally ! Let wait your PC boot up completely before opening any applications.


Thank You For Reading Our Article, Hope This Tips Helps You To Improve System Speed & Performance. Please Please Share πŸ”— This Post With Your Friends If You Are Love Our Blog πŸ’•. Your Likes, Sharing, & Feedback Are Appreciated . Have a Good Day.πŸ’ 

Tips To Improve Computer System Speed & Performances.

How To Block Facebook On Your Computer  Without Any Software

How To Block Facebook On Your Computer  Without Any Software
How To Block Facebook On Your Computer  Without Any Software

Welcome Our Sweet Friends & Viewers; Today We Are Coming With an Amazing Learning Article; πŸ˜‹This Tricks Is Educational Purpose Only. In This Post We Are Showing How To "Block Facebook On Our Computer/Laptop." This is Helpful If You Want to Prevent Students from Using Facebook in School and Colleges or Your Employees in The Office. 
Follow Our Below Steps To Prevent Facebook on Computer. πŸ”

How To Block: 

Please Note*** This tricks is education purpose only; not for fun.

➤ Go to Start ⇒ All Programs 

➤ Next Right click on Notepad and Run as administrator

 Now open host file by clicking on File  Open and locate to below address.


 ➤ Then you looking  # localhost just below paste following code

# Blocking Facebook127.0.0.1 login.facebook.com127.0.0.1 www.facebook.com127.0.0.1 apps.facebook.com127.0.0.1 blog.facebook.com

 ➤ Now save the host file and done. that's it πŸ˜„πŸ˜…
 ➤ Open any browser and checked to open Facebook.It can't open. 

Author Note :

Also Read: How to recover deleted face-book data.

Thank you for reading our article, Hope this article help you to prevent your students & child's to access or using face-book.πŸ™‹

"Don't forget to share if you like this small article, also give your important feedback our blog comment box for improve user experiences ".

How To Block Facebook On Your Computer Without Any Software

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer
How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

Today Post About Pc/ Windows Users, If You Faced Any Virus, Mal-ware Problems? For Recover This Problems We Can Install An Anti-virus Program ; But You Known Without Any Anti-virus How To Detect Your Computer Infected By Virus or Any Mal-ware. Is It Possible to Infected Your Computer By Virus, For Using Internet, Download Any Corrupt ,Bad, Malicious Files, or Visiting Any Scam , Harmful Site.

πŸ’«What Is Virus ?

Virus is a piece of code that is loaded into our computer without our knowledge and runs against our wishes. Which can broke our system.

Let's Seen How To Detect Any Virus In Computer πŸ‘€

Monitoring Computer Performances :

Regularly checked your hard drive if you are not running any programs and still your system is showing that your hard drive rurning on and off or like still working. When you turn on your computer, how long starting your system takes? If your system takes more  times to start then it directly indicates that a virus is slowing down the startup process.

✒ Try To Keeping Tabs on Your Installed Program :

This is another way to detect if your computer is infected by virus Through program. If any program takes longer time to load or running extremely slow in performing  then it definitely indicates the virus has infected operating system of your computer or programs. Your system shows an icon at the bottom right corner of the window. If system has virus infected then it may start notifying error messages. Firewall is a best way which filtered any programs but if you are constantly getting messages about a program requesting to access your firewall,the you must should know your pc/computer became infected by virus.

Regularly Checked Web Browsers - { Chrome, Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Safari}

This is the best method to detected virus & Mal-ware; If you open your browser and at every home page, or click any link or typing then starts showing popup, so ! it is the high chance that your web browsers has been hijacked by Mal-wares.

Thank You ;  Keep Watching Our Blog For More Technology Tips, News. πŸ”

Author Note*  

These are easiest ways to check your computer has virus or not. also that will let you directly if your system is infected. We hope this post help you to known about virus or detected virus.πŸ”Ž For Removing Virus, Mal-ware, Trojan Horse, Adware, Worms Then Must Be Scan With This Below Anti-virus Programs,Which Are Free πŸ‘‡



That's It.  Keep Sharing....

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

How To Undo Sent Email on Gmail

How To Undo Sent Email on Gmail
How To Undo Sent Email on Gmail Genuine Tips

We are here new article about - gmail; we also known emails has become an essential part of with our life.in this mail we can sent any files - audio, pdf, jpg or text file to our friends & family within few seconds.
someone accidentally  sent emotional, angry,  email to own partner,boss or another person or  types wrong information ,so need to be regret it , i mean undo. if you want to edit a sent email or correct mistakes, then this articles will help you to get rid of this problems πŸ˜‹ so follow our below steps to undo sent email. 

πŸ”€Let's Known How To Undo Sent Mail:

Login to your Gmail account

Go to Setting of Gmail

Click on the right corner of the screen. You will get the Gear icon. Click on Settings option and you will get Settings screen.

Enable Undo Send Seen Below Screen Shots

undo sent email
undo sent email

Set any cancellation Period as wish your.

Gmail allows you to set a cancelation period in which you can undo the email. Once the time is over, you will not be able to undo sent email.

Once you have done with the above follow settings changes, then scroll down that settings page to the bottom and click on Save Changes.

That's It; Enjoy Now When You Sent Any Email You Will Seen Every Times to Sender Undo Option.

Author Note*  Its Tricks Can Be Used Limitedly, After Crossing Limiting This Method Didn't Working.

Conclusion : 

Thank You For Viewing Our Article, Hope You May Like This Small Helpful Tips. Then Don't Forget to Share.

How To Undo Sent Email on Gmail Genuine Tips

How To Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons on Blogger

 Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons on Blogger
 Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons on Blogger

Quick edit and wrench icon are helpful features on the occasion of editing articles and widgets. You will seen quick edit icon above or below the posts and the wrench icon will shown where your blog widgets are alloted. but this widgte too many disadvantages, so its recommended to that icon remove or hide from our blog template.

Disadvantage Of Quick Edit Icon:

  1. There is a heavy chances that a visitor will leave a blog with the poor display or unwanted icons.
  2. This Icon effect on your blog page loading speed,SEO, and responsive design.
  3. This Wrench icon sends an extra HTTP load request which also contributes in slowing down of page load speed.
  4. Last The most important this icon major effect on your blog seo because they don't have alt or title tags and so when a crawler/bot visits our blog it seems these images as unoptimized.

 How To Remove Quick Edit Icons :

πŸ”Hide That Icon Using CSS

Go to Blogger Template EditorClick on Customize → Scroll down to Add custom CSS section and add in the below code and save your template.


πŸ” Remove Quick Edit Icon By Deletings

If you want to remove permanently quick edit icons then follow below steps:

Go to blogger → Edit HTML → Search for The below tag by typing CTRL+F and delete all  tag.

<b:include name='quickedit'/>

Finally Save your template; 

πŸ” Removing Quick Edit Pencil Icons from Blogger Posts

Go to your Blogger layout → Click Edit on Blog Posts layout and from the popped up options uncheck the "Show Quick Editing" option and click save template.

That's It ;Voila Enjoy Seo On Your Blogger Templates.πŸ‘§πŸ˜‹

Conclusion πŸ‘

We hope this article helped you in removing quick edit and wrench icons from your blogger template. If you faced any problem.If you liked this article then do share it . Happy blogging! Enjoy Seo Tricks.

How To Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons on Blogger

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