How to Find RSS Feed of Your Blog

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How to Find RSS Feed of Your Blog

Today we share a new article about blogger users, Hope You are also known this that Rss feed is very essential for every blog to submit it to various directories.And also some people able to subscribe to your blog feed through Rss. Many Newbie Users want to known how to get/find rss link his/her blog.
So This article for his/her. Don't Upset Here We shown how to find your rss feed.

Lets Learn Follow Below Method➽

How to Find RSS Feed of Your Blog
How to Find RSS Feed of Your Blog

➤Right click any where on your blog.Now select "view page source" or Press 'Ctrl+U' in the pop up menu.A new window appears.Now press 'Ctrl+F' at a time.➤Search bar find 'rss' by pressing EnterYou will see a line like below

<link href='' rel='alternate' title='WebsDuniya- RSS' type='application/rss+xml'/>

Finally Now copy the URL address after href= That is your required RSS feed URL.

Thanks for reading my article; Hope you are like this small tricks.
Enjoy; Happy Blogging💖

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