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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How To Fix Google Ad-sense Insufficient Content

How To Fix Google Ad-sense Insufficient Content

How To Fix Google Ad-sense Insufficient Content
How To Fix Google Ad-sense Insufficient Content

Today I am Share a New Tips about Best Blogger Tutorial. In This Article We Known "How To Solution or Fixed Google Ad-sense insufficient content" During Blog Ad-sense Application Disapproved. Now a Day's Google Ad-sense Is Best Platform To Earn Money, Also More Strict To Approved Your Ad-sense Application. Earlier Day's  Ad-sense Was Best Choice  For Making Money - But Recently Getting Ad-sense Approval a Most Hard Work For Every Blogger User; Specially  If You are Using Default Domain. 

Most Common Reasons Of Disapproval : "INSUFFICIENT CONTENT"

Normally; Google Ad-sense Expect Blogger Have Enough Contents Before Applying.

That's Mean Is Not Really So;

Someone Blogger Have Up To 100 Posts but Google Ad-sense Still Didn't Getting Approval.

So Here In This Post for Only Who Can't Approved His/Her Blog Ad-sense. 

Please Note* ➽ 

If any site is found to have insufficient content, that means that the site may not have enough text and missing tag.For Enable/ Approved Ad-sense Show Your Site Need To All Pages Text Have Enough Text With Properly Using All Tag.Site Contain Likely Images, Videos, Flash Files Then May Not Be Approved.

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So Let's Go Ahead & Learn Fixed That Problems.👀

✔Don't Post's Copied Content :

This is the most effective part, if you have copied posts then you must know you ad-sense din't get approval. it's main cause for rejection your appeal. copy posts never get traffic and excepted paid, which is most reason we are running a blog.
Once a people visit your blog and find two or more copied articles, they simply move on to the next blog or original creator of the post site. So do search engine crawlers. If they find copied contents they just ignore your blog from indexing. 

👉keep in mind :

if your post title and content similar match then google not given paid because google already crawl that posts. so keep posting fresh your own idea,experiences, knowledge & must be you also known all about your writing content details or verify.

Enough Word Of Per Post:

It is important that your post must have less then 300 words. but we recommended to you please try to write your post minimum 500 words.

Enough No . Of Posts: 

It's a Another important part of before applying ad-sense, Some of Blogger Say's For ad-sense approval you have need 50 or Posts. Also Luckily get ad-sense approval only 12-15 posts, but we suggest you please you should post 30-35 number of post before ad-sense appeal.

✔Restrict Used Too More Pictures, Flash Files & Videos:

Google Policy doesn't accept if your blog have too many adding images other media. so we recommended to all please limit or decrease of your post image. if you have too reach word like 900-1000 words then you can used 3-4 image.

✔Perform of Your Blog Clean Well Responsive Design:

It's another important topic about your adsense approval, must choose a well design clean , responsive ads ready proper navigation included theme but no reach color used light color theme.

✔Use Most Density Tag, Label: 

If you have blogger platform then its recommended to you used label or tag. also should be placed for sidebar.

✔Number of Posts On Per Pages:

You Blogger per page need to be showing 7 minimum no of posts.

✔Add Properly About Us & Privacy Policy Page:

This is the most important pages of blogger; so its it's must to be needed on your blog.
Its Must Be Generated With Your Own Gmail id Which id appeal your ads approving.
Ignore To Copy From Another Blog or Site.

That's It. Take Care of Yourself , Happy  Blogging.

Author Note 🔖 Thanks For Viewing Our Blog; Hope This Article Helpful For You.
Again Thank You for Spent Your Time on Our Blog. If You Find This Tips Helpful Then Please Sharing This. 

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