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How To Make Your PC Work Faster & Smooth All Windows

How To Make Your PC Work Faster & Smooth

How To Make Your PC Work Faster
How To Make Your PC Work Faster

If You Are Looking Best PC Tricks Tips Site, Then You Are In Right Place. This Post Will Help You to Learn Keep Your PC Safe and Faster , If You PC Works Slow Then This Article Help You To Get Rid Of Them.  πŸ‘ So Let's Start.

How To Make Your PC Work Faster & Smooth πŸ‘€

Do You Feel Your PC Getting Slowdown Booting or Startup  Time Spending Too Much Times. Then Try Following This 100% Working  Tips.

➥At First Open Command Prompt { by press 'Windows+R'  & Type CMD.

➥Now Type 'chkdskFor Checking Error.

➥Now Check Your 'NTFS' Drives for Any Error and Data Segmentation or Registry Errors.

➥Next Right Click Yo Select System Drive (C

Select Properties>Go to Tool tab>Click on Optimize. (no need to be analyze).

Another Method To Open Optimized OptionπŸ‘€

➤Go to Computer 
➤Select System Drive (C)
➤Next Right Click On Click 'Properties'
➤ Then Go to 'Tool' Tab
➤You Will Seen Below Screenshot.

Error Check & Optimization
Error Check

➤Click 'Check' Option for Error
➤Click 'Optimized' For defragment You Drive
➤That's It. Your pc Run Faster Then Before.

πŸ‘‰If You are Getting Errors of any New Software Installation. Try System Restore.

πŸ‘‰Try to Used Reduced Pinned Applications in task-bar.

πŸ‘‰Don't Full Of Your Desktop Area By Useless Shortcut & Folder.

πŸ‘‰Make Sure Check Your System Drive - C have 15 GB Enough Space.

πŸ‘‰Disable Having High Periodic Startup Apps , Which Impact on Your Computer.

Open task manager(Ctrl+Shift+Esc)>Go to Startup tab>Select the application which you want to disable and click disable button.

πŸ‘‰Never Keep Large Media Files - Likes Mp3, Video, Or Any Document. Or Android Apk, Software Setup Files Etc.

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