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Friday, August 24, 2018

How To Optimized Google Ad-sense on Blogger

How To Optimized Google Ad-sense on Blogger

How To Optimized Google Ad-sense on Blogger
How To Optimized Google Ad-sense on Blogger

Today Post For Who Wanna Monetize or Optimized Google Ad-sense. If You Using Google Ad-Sense Then It's Recommended to Optimized or Monetized Google Ad-sense On Your Blogger, for Getting More Revenue.

Important Note*

You Must Be Needed A Responsive Ads Friendly Templates. Also We Are Find Many Templates On Internet But All Of Templates Are Ads Friendly It's Wrong . It's Not Right To Developer Make a Template and Say's or Write Ads Ready. 

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How To Known or Indicate Ads Friendly Template 👀

Template Must Be Present Responsive Ads Places On Header , Right sidebar/Left Sidebar, & Footer Section. When This Places Ads Widget Find Any Templates Then We Called That Templates Is Ads Friendly. Ignore Colorful Templates. 

Keep in Mind* Never Did Post and Templates Colored Rich / Colorful. Best Responsive Color Is Black, Cyan , Light Black & Blue.

How To Optimized Your Ads on Blog:👍

👉 Choose Auto Size Responsive Ad-sense On Blogger Home Page. For Get Best Performances. 

👉The Best Performing Ad Units for Ad-sense are 160×600, and 300×250. '300-350' Format is Best for Every Places, '160 x 600' is suitable for Right or Lest Sidebar.

👉We are Recommend Using Only Text Ads for The First Google Ad Unit But Place Another 300×250 Unit in The Sidebar.

👉For Eye-catching Try To Use Your Templates Color Match Ads . That Mean Ads Should Matched With Template Background Colors.

👉 Ads Add Only Homepage Showing On Header, Sidebar, And Footer. for High CTR. Someone Used Ads On Every Middle Page, Blogger Post Below But It's Wrong . Never Place Ads on Post Below or Inside Page. Must Be Ads Appear On Homepage 3-4 Places.

👉Add Post Title Below Ads, Inside Post Mean Middle Of Post. & Finally End Of The Below Post. Choose Responsive Link Ads, Native Ads On Blogger Posts Inside.

👉If You Have a Website with a Dark Theme , Then Experiment Using a Contrast Color Scheme for Google Ads.

👉Ad-sense Doesn’t Allow Publishers to Pres Populate Search Boxes with Keywords. Always Use a Second Search Box at the Bottom/Footer of Your Pages and if possible,

👉 Now day's Traffic Coming in from Image Search Engines Can Earn You More Ad-sense Revenue than Regular Web Traffic. So Upload Good Quality Images and Use Text Captions with Alt Tags.

Keep In Mind:  Always Use Own Image & Must Be Copyright-less . Also To Be Optimized. Someone Download From Another Blog/ Google Search or Used Actress,Actor, any Movies, Serial Taken Pictures. But Be-aware It Looks Likes Copyright . So Ignore Them. Google Ad-sense Policy Restrict Copyright Pictures.

👉You Can Also Increase Relevance of Google Ads on Your Site by Linking to Authority Websites Using Descriptive Anchor Text.

👉If You are Seeing Impressions for A Page But No CTR or CPM, You May Need Also Use the Ad-sense Sandbox to Figure Out If Visitors from Other Countries.

👉Placement Targeting is An Excellent Opportunity for You to Market Your Blog to Potential Ad Words Advertisers.

👉Try To Used Multi Author Blog. Its Can Help Very Easily Implement Adsense Revenue Sharing Through Channels. Our Blog Running 2 Admin. I Am Appointed New Author - 'Rashmi'  She Is Owner Of Rashmi Design.

Author Note 🔖 Thanks For Reading Our Articles, Hopes This Post Help You You To Revenue More Of our Blog. So Let's Optimized Your Google Ad-sense Now. If You Have Any Question Related This Query Then Feel Free To Comment Below. Please Share This Posts With Your Friends. 


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