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Monday, September 17, 2018

All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know 2019

All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know  2019

Best Facebook Tips That You Don't  Know  2019
All In One Facebook Tips That You Shouldn't Know  2019

Today we are back with amazing new tips about Facebook ; that you don't know yet. hope this post are helpful for you, so don't waist your time let's read following article also share with your social friends.
We also known Facebook, being world’s largest Social Network, is also a place to discover new interesting things, friends, places,event, etc

Let's Read About Facebook Best Tips:πŸ‘€

πŸ‘‰Anchor Text For  Profile / Fan Pages

By default, the anchor text used to link Fan-page or Friend’s profile URL, are their Name but now you can customize it for status updates,

Get Numeric ID of Facebook Profile/Fan-page by visiting Replace ‘username’ with your, your friend’s or your Fan-page.

Now, you can modify Anchor as per this code:
@@[0:[YOURPAGEID:1:New Anchor Text]]

Using 0 at the place of ‘New Anchor Text will use Fan-page's Name as anchor.

πŸ‘‰Select / Invite All Friends At Once

If You have any page, and too many friends on Facebook Then this trick help you more.

Open Invite Friend option’s Pop-Up Window of Event/Page/App on Mozilla Firefox.

Press Ctrl + Shift + K. This will open Web Console of Firefox.

Paste this below code at Web Console and press Enter:

πŸ‘‰Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

Download Delete All Facebook Messages Chrome Extension. Activate it

Go to Facebook’s message Page by visiting

You’ll notice a new button named "Delete All"

So, if you want to delete all your Facebook Messages, just click this button and it'll delete all Facebook messages within once.

πŸ‘‰Enlarge Un-Clickable Profile Pics:

Now you can enlarge Facebook un-clickable picture with this step below.

Right Click the image. From context menu, select 'Open Image In New Tab'

In address Bar URL of the image, remove s160x160/ and press Enter. Lets See The Magic.

πŸ‘‰Unfriend alert:

Get the notification when someone unfriend you, download unfriend alert chrome extension and enable it.

πŸ‘‰Change Facebook Theme Color:

Now you can change your facebook template color by following below step.

Just install and activate Change Facebook Color Chrome Extension.

Go to Chrome’s Setting > Appearance and Tick ‘Always Show Bookmark Toolbar’.

Click on Change  Facebook Color Extension Icon on the Top-Right Side.

Set Background and Foreground color. Drag Arrow Icon to Bookmark Toolbar.

Visit Facebook and Press the Button that you just added color.


πŸ‘‰Post Blank Status Update:

Facebook doesn’t allow you to post blank status update. but now you can update blank post with below simple trick

Put at least an punctuation mark like comma, dot, etc. Just type @[0:0: ] in status box & seen magic.

πŸ‘‰Download Facebook Photo Album

Do you want to download you ever uploaded photo album, you friend’s, your group’s album, then this tips help you.

πŸ‘‰Make your Display/Profile Pic "Un-clickable"

If you also want to make your profile pic un-clickable, just following steps:

From your timeline, navigate to Photos -> Albums -> Profile Pictures.

Select your current profile pic and set its privacy to “Only Me” from default “Public”. That’s It Voila !.

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So friends, Here Is This Best All in One Facebook Tips. Hope This Post Helpful For You, You Have Any Tricks Or Question Related This Post Then Share Your Mention Below Comment Box. Enjoy πŸŽ‰ Keep Sharing.

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