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Monday, September 17, 2018

Best Tips To Format Virus Infected & Unable To Format Pen Drives

How To Format Unformatable Infected Pen-drive

How To Format Unformateble Infected Pen-drive
How To Format Unformateble Infected Pen-drive

Pen-drives are very popular and simplest devices to use in now a days & transfer data from computers to other computer,
But have you ever faced with major problem when you need to format a pen drive but couldn’t possible or unable to format.😥.Don’t upset I’m here to help you to get rid of.
 So Today I Share Best Tips To Format  Pen Drives.

Why Failed to Formatting Drive★

The reasons of failed to format -

Bad sectors are those sectors which are damaged and can’t be read or written.that is the main caused by excessive de-fragmentation, bad quality drive.Next reason is major - virus files might make our pen drive uncomfortable.Write Protection Of drive: If our pen drive is write protected then it cannot be format.

Let's Learn How To Format Unformatable Infected Pen-drive⭐

1> Use Command :💫

➥First  need to connect the pen drive to computer.
Next  to click on the start menu of your system. Type Run in the search box and press enter.
Now type cmd and click OK.

Type as: format<space>your drive letter and press Enter twice.{ without quote}

Now cmd will recommended name of the drive. Enter the correct name of drive and press enter.
Finally; Exit Cmd . Checked Your Pen drive is now formatted.

➤Alternative CMD Method

Follow above method to run command

Now type "DISKPART" and press enter.
Nexr type "LIST DISK" and press enter. It will show your complete list of disks of your system.
Select your desired drive by typing SELECT "disk number",
Next type "ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR RANDOMLY" and press enter key.
Now again type CLEAN and press enter.
That’s it, you’re done.

2>Format Using Software💫

👉Download and install the Unlocker software
👉Select the drive you want to format and right-click on it.
👉Now click Unlocker and select Unlock All option.
👉Voila ! Now right-click on the drive and click format.


Thank You For Reading Our Article; About How To Format Unformatable Drive. Hope This Tips May Be Helpful For You. If You Follow Above Method Then Must Be Your Pen-drive Easily Format. Share Your Thought or Knowledge Below Comment Box.

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