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Friday, September 21, 2018

Best Way to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

How to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

How to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading
Best Way to Speed Up Your Blog Page Loading

Today we share a tricks for blogger, i this tricks we learn "how to speed up our blog loading page". if you blog have too good template but still takes too long time for page loading then it's may decrease your site visitors.also we known if our blog loading too much time then visitor feel upset. so visitor leave to visit our it's recommended to learn how to increase speed up blog page loading. but you have no any idea πŸ˜”πŸ˜”for that , so don't wait & upset  we are have best solution for this.✔

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So Let's Known How To Speed Up Blog.

➽Remove Unnecessary Javascript, CSS Code: 

If your source code contains Unnecessary Javascript, CSS functions, then these functions will take time. Then need to Remove unnecessary or un-used Javascript and CSS codes.unwanted script - like { right click disabled, mouse effect etc.}

➽Optimized Your Javascript / CSS Code:

This achieve helps your website load time up to 85% faster.

➽Reduce Plugins:

Don't use unwanted plugins to your blogspot blog, since it will takes  much more time to loading. you can set blogger default widget like - popular ,recent post , archive, etc. many blogger user used unwanted widget , we recommended to all please forget to remove unwanted widget. you are noticed successful blogger haven't used other plugins.

➽Don't Use Third Party Hosting to Host your Blog File:

➽Optimize Images:

Many bloggers love to use images in their own blog to impress users. Consider if you are using a high quality image to your blog, then it will take too much time for load. so optimized your posting images.Always use a minimal optimize to your image the best quality.

Keep in Mind***

Don't optimized repeatedly or 2times because it's reduce your picture quality. 

➽Update Plugins, Blog Themes:

Always use a updated version of your Plugins and Themes, this updated version contains less error and fixed previous versions issues, miss-tag unwanted features.

➽ Google Adsense Code:

Use always asynchronous advertisement script. you can looking this option when you create ad unit ad code above ad type option.

➽Add Leverage Browser Caching Tag:

Leverage Browser Cache helps you to decrease blog page load time.when you add Expires Browser Cache Code in your Blog then any body open or load your blog, Expires Browser Cache code save the server response file in user browser cache.

How to add Expires Browser Cache code:

Go to Blogger Blog.

Click on the "Template" and then "Edit HTML".

Click anywhere in the html code  and press CTRL + F to open a search box.

Find "<head>" tag.

Just after/below <head> paste the following code.

<include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.css"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.js"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.gif"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.jpeg"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.jpg"></include><include expiration="7d" path="/assets/**.png"></include>     

Finally Save The Template. That's It. Enjoy Blogging.


We hope this tricks will increase your blog speed.we are share reliable tricks and tips only. try to best results to bloggers. keep in touch with subscribe our blog πŸ””  for more informative articles . If you have any doubts just leave a comment below we are responses soon as possible to related query.Don't forget to share this.πŸ”—


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