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Saturday, September 8, 2018

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer
How To Detect Any Virus In Your Computer

Today Post About Pc/ Windows Users, If You Faced Any Virus, Mal-ware Problems? For Recover This Problems We Can Install An Anti-virus Program ; But You Known Without Any Anti-virus How To Detect Your Computer Infected By Virus or Any Mal-ware. Is It Possible to Infected Your Computer By Virus, For Using Internet, Download Any Corrupt ,Bad, Malicious Files, or Visiting Any Scam , Harmful Site.

💫What Is Virus ?

Virus is a piece of code that is loaded into our computer without our knowledge and runs against our wishes. Which can broke our system.

Let's Seen How To Detect Any Virus In Computer 👀

Monitoring Computer Performances :

Regularly checked your hard drive if you are not running any programs and still your system is showing that your hard drive rurning on and off or like still working. When you turn on your computer, how long starting your system takes? If your system takes more  times to start then it directly indicates that a virus is slowing down the startup process.

✒ Try To Keeping Tabs on Your Installed Program :

This is another way to detect if your computer is infected by virus Through program. If any program takes longer time to load or running extremely slow in performing  then it definitely indicates the virus has infected operating system of your computer or programs. Your system shows an icon at the bottom right corner of the window. If system has virus infected then it may start notifying error messages. Firewall is a best way which filtered any programs but if you are constantly getting messages about a program requesting to access your firewall,the you must should know your pc/computer became infected by virus.

Regularly Checked Web Browsers - { Chrome, Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Safari}

This is the best method to detected virus & Mal-ware; If you open your browser and at every home page, or click any link or typing then starts showing popup, so ! it is the high chance that your web browsers has been hijacked by Mal-wares.

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Author Note*  

These are easiest ways to check your computer has virus or not. also that will let you directly if your system is infected. We hope this post help you to known about virus or detected virus.🔎 For Removing Virus, Mal-ware, Trojan Horse, Adware, Worms Then Must Be Scan With This Below Anti-virus Programs,Which Are Free 👇



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