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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tips To Improve Computer System Speed & Performances.

 Tips To Improve Computer System Speed and Performances.

Tips To Improve Computer System Speed & Performances.

Hello, Friends How Are You ? Have You Faced With PC System Lagging Speed & Slow Performance , And Feel Upset 😧😞. Then Don't Worries We Are Here Coming With For That Solution, Actually We Share Here ✍Best Tips To Improve Your Computer System Speed & Performances. 🌀

Let's Following Our Given Tips* 👇

Best Tips To Improve PC System Speed

Protect your PC from dust. Dust causes the CPU cooling fan to jammed and slow down also heating your CPU and affecting the processing speed. so kept away your pc from dust.

Refresh the desktop after closing every application. using (mouse right click or pressing F5 Button) This will help to clean the RAM.

Do not set very large file size picture as your desktop background.

During installing new Software's please disable the option of having a tray icon. 
This tray icons takes up available RAM, and also slow down the booting of your PC System.
Also disable the option of starting the application automatically during the PC System boots.

Do not create your Desktop with a lots of software shortcuts. Because Every shortcuts on the desktop takes up to 500 bytes of you pc system RAM.

 Delete the temporary internet files regularly. using below code types in search box


Also You Can Use This Best Software To Remove Cache,Temporary File,Browser History.

✔Periodically Remove or Clean Old Prefetch Data From Prefetch Folder .Using Below Step.

Go To Run or Press Windows+ R >> Types 'prefetch'

 Clear the recycle bin regularly. The files are not completely removed from your hard drive until you clear the recycle bin.

Right Click On Recycle Bin Icon On Desktop, After You Seen Empty Recycle Bin Then Press Left Click To There.

  Always make two or third partitions in your hard drive. 

Windows used all the available empty space in C drive as virtual memory when your Computer RAM is full. So it's need to be Keep the C Drive as empty as possible.

De-fragment your hard drive on every two-three months. This will free up  lot of space removing broken,lagging file on your hard drive and rearrange the files for applications run faster.

Also Read: Optimized Your Pc Using De-Fragment.

✔Finally ! Let wait your PC boot up completely before opening any applications.


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