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Why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog.

Why Shouldn't Used AMP Template On Blogger Blog

Why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog.
Why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog.

Do you want to install Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Template in Your Blogger? Or you would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of an AMP Blogger Templates. then you have visit on the right place. In this post, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of using AMP blogger templates. We also known that using AMP theme will speed up the mobile device of the site and the speed & boost search rank of the our site. But We are nothing aware about it's disadvantages. because use this may be harmful on your site.

At First We Known What Is AMP ? 

AMP HTML is an open source project by Google to provide mobile-optimized content that can load instantly everywhere On slow internet connection.

Advantage Of AMP Template:

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  • Make Fast Loading Site Speed
  • Increase Search Rank
  • Minimize site HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Ads Ready
  • Decrease Extra Content & Widgets
  • Boost Your Server Performance
  • Increase your website CTR
  • User friendly & mobile friendly
Above Is Most Common Advantage Of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Let's Go Our Main Topic " Why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog".

✔Why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog.

🔉 Allow only asynchronous scripts

🔉 AMP Template Suitable For Rich Posts Like Video, Mp3, Large Files.Not Friendly For News, Tech Fashion or Other Blog.
🔉 You Can't Use Blogger Template Editor

🔉 AMP Doesn't Allow Third Party Java-script.

🔉 Don’t let extension mechanisms block rendering

🔉 AMP adversely effects the Analytics of the website

AMP though supports Google analytics but requires different tags that need to be implemented on all AMP pages, which in a certain manner limits the usage of analytics for the website.

🔉 AMP Block By Robot Txt

🔉 All CSS must be inline and size-bound less than 50,000 bytes Cannot Used <STYLE> Tag or <b:skin> tag

🔉 Ads revenue of the website is reduced

🔉 You Cannot Used Another Third Party Ads or Affiliate Link. 

🔉 You Can't Used Blogger Default Comment This Is The Another Major Problems.

🔉 All Images Posted Must Be Edited. with amp-img tag

🔉 Cannot Used I-Frame Tag Without Editing

🔉 Cannot Used Email Subscription Form

🔉 AMP Doesn't Support XMLNS attributes Which are include in html

That's It, 

Please Note* ✒  

1.You are find many template are called AMP. But Not There AMP At all. 2.If you looking for rank and earning then must be ignore to be used AMP templates.

Author Note** 🔖

Thank You For Giving Your Important Times To Our Blog. Hope you are known well that " why AMP Is Not Recommended For Blog-spot Blog. If there are any questions regarding AMP content, then please get in touch with our comment box.

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