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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?

Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?

Hello friends today we are back after a long interval. Today article we tell you why we are choose blogger blog, why blogger most famous for blogging? Most of the people know about blogger ;But this topic is interesting - someone want to know why we choose blog spot platform or what is benefit of blogger blog ? so here we try to giving your satisfying answer. Hope you gets your appropriate answer.

Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?
Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?

👉Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?

✔Blogger Platform Google

Blog-spot provide by google; That is prime and most important reason, so if you are newbie and want to be learn SEO then it's recommended to you should start blogger blog. 

✔ Blogger Is Free Platform

Blog-spot give us a free sub-domain to running blog. its totally free of cost.If you haven’t sufficient money to start your blog then you should start blogger blogging.

 User-friendly Interface

Blog-spot Blog give us a powerfully user friendly interface; this the massive reason of running blog-spot.You can manage all like layout, theme, settings.You do not require to have any HTML coding knowledge or experience. Changing HTML themes & visual appearance of the blog is easy with Blogger.can easily putting java-script , css.

✔Provide Free Of Templates

Blog-spot blog give us so many responsive beautiful design themes; you can grab this blogger below theme setting.
For more attractive looking then you can buy premium templates.

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✔High Level Security

When asking about security then blogger is the best. Blogger is safe from hackers and viruses as the security of Google well protects it. With blogger, all of your content remained safe and secured. also get a high security setup with the Google Account.

✔  Provide Unlimited Hosting Services

Blogger.com gives free hosting services. here you don’t need to pay any cost for hosting.

✔ Great SEO Services 

Blogger running on completely google; so no need to buy SEO . but need to be some of basic knowledge. likes- mata tag, optimized h1 tag, proper robot txt, robot header tag.

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Free To Use Google Adsense

Blogger platform is supported by the Google Ad-sense; it is easy and free to put your Google Ad-sense ads code into the Blogger template. for making money.
if you will use blogger.com then you can easily get free Google Ad-sense approval. Because this is a great chance for every newbie bloggers (who first time start blogging) who want to earn money.

Note* If you want to quick adsense approval then need to add a sub-domain.

✔ Easily Integrated Any Google Products

This is really a most valuable feature that bloggers can enjoy with google all product on blogger.Google always provides different powerful web tools and apps that can help enhance your blog.

✔ Blogger Have Large Community 

The BlogSpot is the top blogging platform offered by the Google, and so there are millions of bloggers. You can see there are many 'Howto' blogs 'trick' & 'tutorials'.

High Speed Server & Faster Loading

The Blogger help quick loading of all your blog posts, pages. All of your content is uploaded to the Google server. Every users can easily fetch with google his article in few minute from google search console.automatic and fast indexing results in engaging the most traffic.

✔ Blogger Provide free & powerful spam filter.

Blogger have an inbuilt spam filtering techniques which automatically filter all your spam comments when someone comment your blog with any unwanted links, hateful reckless word.

That's It. Thank you for spending you time to read our article ; Best of luck. 😂 

Author Note* 🔖

Hope you known " Why You Should Start Blogger Blogging?" ? if you find this article Helpful then please share your thoughts in the comment  below.


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