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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Blogging Tips Common Mistakes Which Are Makes Every Bloggers

Top Common Mistakes Of Bloggers

Blogging Tips Common Mistakes Which Are Makes Every Bloggers
Blogging Tips Common Mistakes Which Are Makes Every Bloggers

Welcome friends and viewer today we share best blogging tips about blogger mistakes which are makes many blogger users. so let's known which are that mistakes ?

We also known why we choose blogger platform hope you are read this article on our blog. if not read then read now " why we choose or start blogger blogging ?"

Blogger blog offering many widget for designing , performances, optimizing, developing. but you should know this ? many features are too make harm and disappointed your blog from search engine. also bad user experiences . so today post is about which are most common mistakes we are making on blogger log.

❌Common Mistakes Which Are Makes Every Bloggers:

🔖First Not Introduce Himself /Herself and About His / Her Blog.

We are seen many blogger create a blog but he/she never mind or ignore to add introduce His/Her Self . why he/she create blog ? also what about blog? it's a huge mistake. showcast your ability ,personality experiences.

🔖Choosing Bad ,Shuffle , Wrong Theme .

we also known many templates are found in internet , but you should not aware that's templates not perfect for you blog ;i mean not giving you best results because all templates seen good but structure too bad, found many error, not seo friendly,or optimized.

🔖Not Focusing on quantity ,quality post.

Some blogger thought blog means share many post , but always ignore his/her focusing to write good content, not write properly. which are looking easier or able to read and understand.

🔖Bad Writing .Post without research ,correction.

Blog expect and giving the importance of good writing in published by you.Some blogger make a post difficult and unpleasant to read,grammatical error, used unwanted concept ,fact . this is most common mistakes.

🔖Running blog alone.

some blogger running his/her blog alone ; this reasons blog ideas, fact, choose right content, also published post are not getting appropriate. so add good author. it's helps to grow your blog.

🔖Covering or Publishing many types of post.

This is the huge and major mistake by blogger. actually many author thought wirte many types of post for interact people but it's wrong ? for this reasons you ignore what's your about of blog ,or you missed important topic.


This is another part of of blogging. many blogger left blogging after creating a blog. always post after a week , month but it's wrong. always try to post regularly.


This is big mistakes by many blogger. Its mean copy content . some blogger sharing posts copying from another blog , Most of the bloggers don’t worry about Copyright act.copy anything from anywhere to post on your blog. These posts won’t give you any organic traffics. also translate copy content another language . he thought why spent his times to write. Keeping your content original will help you make your own identity on the internet . read this post "why shouldn't copied from another site".

🔖Bad Seo Settings .

It's a another fault , always set poosr seo settings, wrong settings, post setting ,post structure, use wrong heading tag , not set proper heading.

🔖Bad Headline,Bad Title, Bad Editing.

A beautiful clean easily readable , understanding headline,post tile attract people to your read content. thought you are a reader why you read a article?

🔖Choosing Copying Image or Inappropriate image.

Some bloggers published a post with reckless, loss quality , poor, copying image of any movie,media,serial,pictures . it's wrong he/she doesn't careful every pics are copyright . specially any professional movie,song,media,poster. so ignore that. choose high quality pics.with properly optimized. read also "how to optimized pics ''.

🔖Regularly change theme.

Many blogger change his blog theme regularly, so this is he bad seo for you blog. for this reasons sometime disapproved your adsense also adsense doesn't work ignore first this bad habit. choose best themes.

🔖Promoting Unwanted Widget,features & Unnecessarily tools.

This is last and final word. also even you can called huge ,massive, big fault or mistakes which are did every should no aware about unwanted widgets,features,and tools. so first known what is the unwanted widget ?

Mistake Of Uses Unwanted Widget:

Here we shown most harmful , unnecessarily widget which are  used many of bloggers .👀

1. Disable text select.

2 Right click disable.


4.Contact Box.

5.Advertisement Banner More Than 4 or 5 (On Home Page).

6.Subscribe Box by Third party.

7.Redirect Url Script.

8.Featured Post.

9.Dmca Banner Script Or Copyright Script , (no need to be used if you think you content is still stolen then you can take dmca notice without using that script ,because somehow hearing that types script collect your data. affect on your seo. )


Than you for reading our article ; hopes you are known what types of mistakes we are makes our blog. if any asking , thought about this post then please share in comment box.have a good day. take care of yourself. 


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