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Monday, November 12, 2018

How to fix android phone overheating

Overcome to Android Phone Overheating

How to fix android phone overheating
How to fix android phone overheating

If your phone is getting hot or overheating, Whether you’re using an Android smart phone. Looking Solution then you are landed right place ; So today we discuss about this - why our android phone is heating & how to overcome / fix that problems..let's start. 😋

Reasons Of Our Android Overheating ?

We also known all of electronics parts , devices were work with electricity ; so it's common reason of heat .

Basically ; battery, processor, or screen. Each of these components can generating the  heat; but it's normal .

Detect Over heating

"If the back of your phone is getting hot, then the problem may be indicate to overheating battery."

Why Getting Our Android Phone Over Heating:

👉 Playing Game On Long Times:

Basically when play any game on long time then our mobile getting hot. However, high-intensity gaming apps uses reason our mobile processor and graphics unit getting hot.

👉Phone Setting Is Not Friendly or Optimal:

If your screen brightness set to full ,or used any launcher , animated wallpaper so this unnecessary settings is on then there cause of heating your phone. 

👉Used Another Mobile Charger:

This is the another reasons of overheating, you also known all company mobile developed his devices best suitable charger, or content. if you charge your mobile by other companies charger then it's cause over heating.

👉Used Your Mobile Hot Environment:

If you are using your mobile in outside in the sun or in your car on a hot day or inside bed can cause it to overheat .This will also prevent the touch screen so the battery to drain faster.

👉Live Streaming Or Video Call:

This is the another reason to overheating mobile. Similarly watching YouTube or Netflix ,Hotstar playing long time then it has to load the video data and keep the display active for a prolong time . so this way your mobile getting hot.

👉Updating Your App:

If you mobile app being updates then it's come with new bug . it may cause your phone to overheat. But It Important that your apps are being updated, because updates often include bug fixes.

👉Malware Infection:

If other reasons didn't proffered with your android phone then the known must it's cause malware.  Malware often consumes a ton of your phone’s ram and CPU power, which are major reason to overheating. which are coming from malicious app using.

So That's Is The Most Common Reasons of Overheating . 

How to fix android phone overheating: 

  • Turn off data or on aeroplan mode.
  • Turn on Battery Saving .Install junk cleaning software.
  • Remove useless pre-installed apps.
  • Reduce Screen brightness.Restart your phone.
Above is the most common steps to fix.

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Charge your phone correctly and Original charger.

Never charge your mobile by other mobile charger , also never charge more than 90%. many user ignore this but It's Wrong. 

Update your apps.
Before updates your apps we recommended uninstall your old previous version of app. its good habit to install newer version is better than updates.

Protect From Sunlight.

Never used your mobile outdoor from direct sunlight. 

Used Good Quality Antivirus & Cleaner Apps:

This apps are remove and prevent from malware ; and remove unwanted cache , cookies files.

That's it....  have a nice day.

Auther Note**

So ; Thank you for readding our article , hope you learn how to fix android phone overheating. if you find this article helpful then share this post. also if any asking or known an other tricks about this then share with us...... keep stay our blog for more helpful contents. we try to giving best reliable post only.


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