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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How To Insert Jump Break In Blogger Post

How To Insert Jump Break In Blogger Post

How To Insert Jump Break In Blogger Post
How To Insert Jump Break In Blogger Post 

Welcome to webduniya ; how are you all . today we are came here with new articles about blogger posts. we are shown this article "how to add jump break in blogger posts".
Have you ever happened to visit those blogs that show a small summary of each post on the homepage. Jump Break is the out of box feature included by Blogger, Its really important that you add jump break in each and every post or article you publish on your blog. 

We also known many blogger using JavaScript to visible some part of the post but the content is still downloading in the browser. but it's wrong ; this may reason your page loading speed are increasing . so here is the best tips for you without any hassle any js file how to put page break / jump break on every blog posts.

Before We Know What Is Jump Break ?

Jump break is a cool feature in blogger. If you add Jump break in your blog post the paragraph or text before the jump break is shown on home page of your blog.This keep your home page clean and helps to gain more page views.

How To Add Jump Break In Blogger Post:

➤Sign in in our blogger account.

Go to Post Editor (Blogger >> Edit Post ).

Place the cursor in the content area where you want to add the Jump Breaks.Seen Below Screen-shot For Clearly Understanding. Click Red Circle Area.

 Jump Break

Locate and click the "Insert jump break" icon present in the editor's toolbar.

After adding the jump break a dotted line will appear.

➤Finally Click to Update/Publish Post.

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The "jump break" will be inserted into our blog post.

Advantage Of Jump Break: 🙋

Most Importantly Some Blogger Facing With This Issue That His/Her Blog Not Showing Proper No of Posts , Or Showing Only 1,2 or 3 Posts In The Home Page; So If You Used This Features Then Your Fixed Your Problems Without Any Hassle or Coding. 

✔Fully Responsive & clean because it's a default features of blog.

✔You Can easily implement.

✔Speed up your blog page load time.

✔Visitors see a selection of your posts without scroll.

✔Helps to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

✔Increase your page views.

✔Improve local SEO.

✔No Need to Coding.

That's It ; Voila Have a Nice Day.

Author Note *** 

Hope you learn how to add Jump Break/Page Break in Blogger ; Also Known Why This Features Important On Blog. Thank you ; Don't Forget to Share This Posts. Also Have Any Doubt or Asking About This Post Then Please Let's Us Known Below Comment Box.


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