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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Best Blogging Tips : Why Shouldn't Copied Content From Other Sites

Why Shouldn't Copy From Other Sites; You Must Need To Know 

Why Shouldn't Copied Content From Other Sites
Why Shouldn't Copied Content From Other Sites

Welcome to webduniya ; we try to always share helpful reliable content for our visitor & reader ; So we always giving our best efforts to write valuable content which are genuine , affordable and easily can understand by every people.  

If your site content copied any person without your permission that's is illegal . But friends don't upset 😂  Most of the bloggers think they why are wasting our time in writing content for the blog, but they are thinking wrong.

You also find on many sites ; for " how to disable text selection, right click disable, disable copy paste" etc. 

But we tell you don't used this or try this it's badly effect on your site user experiences mainly effect on seo & page loading , because basically this function build with javascript , css which are harm your site.

"Hope you are thought we are crazy or it's a make of fool , but don't panic be serious ; keep reading ..." 

Please Keep In Mind**

If you are set all protection for blog content then not sure your content is 100% secure . also set dmca protection, copyrighted. or other protects who are the thief or jealous admin he never stopped to copied . but after read our article can must stopped to copy of your blog content.

if you read our this article then you known what's is the very very big mistake/fault by copy user ; which are not aware and unknown every (copy users)  about copy posts. so going our main topic.

Why Shouldn't Copied Content From Other Sites:

👉Defined Duplicate Content

Simply when if you write a copy blog post and want to share it on other sites for your site revenue or traffic .  that is detect duplicate content. then search engines decide to stopped index your blog and blog posts. google never crawl duplicate and multiple content repeatedly . which mean decrease your blog search ranking. 

Most importantly, Google wants to give credit and pay to the original creator of the contents.Google's algorithms are designed to penalize people who are stealing content.

That mean also benefit goes to main creator of post because post already index or read by google ; if you copy then you are there 2nd time steal content. 

Read Carefully Short description Below

  • Mostly Blogs hosted on Google so Bloggers are disabled due to the copyrights issue.
  • You will lose the ranking of your website.
  • You may lost your traffic
  • Your site Fully remove or block from Google Search Engine.
  • Mainly Why we are create blog for famous and few earning so Your Google AdSense (Or other ADs network) can disable your account from displaying Ads. Mean never pay for your posts because already pays for that post.
  • The main content owner can take action against the content copier.

Additional Tips*  

Your most of the research, writing skill and hard work that goes to writing your articles, so if you are a real creative owner then be honest respect owners hard work , left copy from from other sites. try to write good , helpful , genuine new creative posts your blog must be a success and also get your right paid for your hard work . 

Author Note: 🔖 

Hope you are known why shouldn't copied content from other sites & it's bad effects. so this article may be helpful for original owner and obviously who write copied content. if you are like this our best blogging tiips then don't forget to share.... if any questions then please let us known on below  comment box. 


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