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Thursday, December 6, 2018

What is The Advantages & Disadvantages of Robot Txt

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Robot Txt You Should Must Known 

What is The Advantages & Disadvantages of Robot Txt
What is The Advantages & Disadvantages of Robot Txt 

Today we are back again with new important helpful content . hope no one can't post about this topic. actually we want showing benefit and loss of using robot txt on blogger blog. so read carefully our this post hope this post you are likes . before going our main topic we known about robot txt .

What Is Robot .txt ?💭

Robot.txt file is simply a bunch of codes that gives crawler what part of site to index and which are not.

Advantages Of Robot .txt. :😅

We also known blog have many parts likes - archive, labels, search pages which are we normally don’t like to display in search results. so robot txt help to prevent them .
you are not known our archive ,pages ,labels are duplicate contents. that mean generally all of blogger uses same pages , label , etc .so don't need to this crawling. because it's make your blog harm . also it's detect duplicate content for this reason your ranking may be decrease .

so robot txt help us to avoid directly this pages.

Most important it's sent you notification from webmaster tools about your broken link, error pages, deleted posts, blocking issues. so you can easily identified that and fix them.

➤You can easily blocking all of duplicate content , fix any meta description error .

If you used robot txt then it's gives you big advantages of better blog management , term of SEO ,google search index your post without error & fast.

So That is the most important benefit or advantages of robot txt. 

Disadvantages of Robot.txt

Actually Robot txt have advantages more but every advantages back have some cons but that's comes with wrong use of Robot.txt file which make serious problems of your blog.

💦 If you deleted accidentally a place of robot code then it's prevent to indexing your blog and blog contents , that mean permanently noindex your page from google.

💦Sometimes you may be faced with blocking your important pages.

💦Somehow every newbie bloggers block his/her sitemap wrongly setup, that caused the problem of not indexing his/her publishing posts.

Please Note*  

This post is educational purpose only ; webduniya admins not tell you that not used robot txt  ; we just showing it's benefits & it's loss which came from of your wrong robot code uses.

✒Conclusion :

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