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Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Choosing the Right Template For Your Blog

Choose Right Blogger Template 

How to Choosing the Right Template For Your Blog
How to Choosing the Right Template For Your Blog

Hope you are understand about this post after reading our Post title . We are welcome again with new important topic ; you should must read it.
We also known blogger platform is the most popular platform for starting , earning from blog without spent any money .also blogger attracted huge of people from all over world. you share of valuable information, personal thoughts, personal writing and any other things. but there are have a question for many blogger users .

That question is "how to find best blogger template " ?

This is important for your blog that you are choose best or right blogger template , then must read our post you should known which is the best template ? Now this decision on your hand . lets read !

Please Note: 🔖

We also known many theme designer provides beautiful templates free for us. but you keep in mind As far as theme designer is concerned, this template is completely responsive to Adsense , & seo ready but it's wrong . you also find many site about seo optimized adsesne approval responsive templates posts. there you seen some theme like -  Balance Theme, Elice Theme , Pink steady , ATB , Others Etc. 
Also someone say's this themes are adsense approval templates , but you may wrong if you choose that theme .
But that templates are not seo friendly , adsense approval theme . because that templates haven't any proper navigation, no adsense place , not responsive , also not used proper tag . must not present https support. read below full details to know best templates.

How to Choose Right Blogger Template :

👉 Widget :

First ; Must have Proper Navigation , sidebar , and footer .
Generally Your link , page index by by clean navigation, so it's important . so careful about your menu is working properly or showing on mobile also working every link. also sidebar have must be width 300 pixel ; (responsive size)

👉 Ads Place:

An best templates have fully responsive adsense place area , this place are Header , sidebar , and footer . if this three ad place are not presents on your theme layout area. then you must known that templates is not best .

👉SEO Optimized:

This is the another important topic , all themes are not seo ready . SEO depends on your theme included tag set on proper place , also present all tag , you are seen many themes are haven't complete perfect meta tag.

👉 Valid Structure Data:

Blogger theme must be all test pass ; mean must be valid structure data without any error.
hope you are known structure data . this is helps to grow your search engine ranking , index fast your contents. so it's important.

This is the another important parts of your blog ; if your blog running fast then user like to view blog ; also increase your traffic and boost search rank. so choose fast loading theme .

This is most important features for our blog ; this widget help to readers they are easily count or go ahead directly no of page. you also seen many templates when you visit any blog then there not showing page navigation number, only showing older post . that is not good or perfect theme . also if not present page navigation then your blog not looking professionally.specially check on homepage.

This is important tag which your index your media, rich content , and give you proper identity on internet. it's must check your theme have 1 -2 schema tag present on your blog post , navigation & author description. this tag not present on old theme & some of templates.

👉Social Icons:

Most templates support social icons for connected accounts like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn ,Rss , Pinterest , Etc this icons gives your blog theme looking professionally . also help for local ,on-page seo ranking. generally this icon must added on blogger top area or footer area. must check .

👉Auto Resize or Support Original Size Of Images:

This is important that when you publish post then properly set or showing your insert image clean & perfect size & place . hope you are seen many sites when you opena post on pc or mobile then image showing on page right or left not showing on middle. so don't ignore this important thing .

👉Back To Top Button:

It's an another important features for your user experience ; this feature help to readers easily scroll your hole page . bottom to top.
You Can read about : How To Add Responsive Back To Top Button On Blogger.

That's It ; Enjoy And Keep Sharing

✒Author Note : 

Thank you for your time to read our article .👍
If all of above features have present any templates then we called that template is best templates .
Hope you are understand or learn which is the best template or how to choose best blogger templates.
If any asking or question about this article then feel free to comment on below comment box we will reply soon as possible . don't forget to share this post . we appreciate your every comments .thanks

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