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How To Used Blockquote On Blogger ?

How To Used  Blockquote On Blogger ?

How To Used  Blockquote On Blogger ?
How To Used  Blockquote On Blogger ?

Before we published how to add blockquote on blogger ; but in this post we shown how to used blockquote tag on blogger post. this tag help you to improve perfect seo friendly post.
This blockquote (usually between inverted commas) and you can seen almost every blog post inside.
You can easily add text between blockquote by using blogger editor.

So Friends Let's Follow Below Steps Carefully .👇

 How To Used  Blockquote On Blogger ?

💦First Go to new post or edit an older post
💦Next to the post editor, write some important words.

💦 Select/highlight all those of thoses text and click on the blockquote icon shown like this.


💦Finally Published Your Post ; 

Now checked your blockqote text, it's look like below 👇

blockquote style
blockquote style

Author Note * 🔖

Thank you for reading our small tricks ; hope this article will help you to improved your blog post.
Any asking or if any problem then please share your feedback on below comment box. we will reply soon as possible. Don't use the background color similar to your text color otherwise it will be annoying.

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4 Responses to "How To Used Blockquote On Blogger ?"

  1. hi can u please tell me the date undefined error in blogger?

  2. sorry Can you please tell me the soluton of datefinded error in blogger?

  3. Change your theme ? it's usually come with theme structure. "all of themes is good but not good is perfect or best" . also you can contact reshmi she is the best of my attitude and knowledge . i believed her consistency or presentation of works.

    1. Thank you. But it is not needed now. I have fixed this... Thanks also for your reply ...


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